How to make your Awards Function a memorable event!

man wearing black tie for awards function event managementCollective Concepts have event managed many awards functions from small businesses to major corporates. Here is how they can make your awards function memorable! You can have Collective Concepts event manage your business function – just visit them at to find out more.

You don’t have to be a film star or elite athlete to earn an award, businesses too can show appreciation of their staff by holding an awards function. Recognising the efforts of employees is now more common but usually by larger national companies. This doesn’t have to be the case, the event just needs to be scaled to the size of your business. Apart from bringing staff together at a social event it does give them a boost to confirm that their efforts on behalf of the business have been noticed. Below are a few ideas and possible pitfalls when arranging the event.

Arranging your Awards Function

To have a successful function you need to decide on several basic rules. Who will judge the recipients of the awards, how many staff will attend, the day and venue for the ceremony. Once these details have been decided the next step is to find an appropriate venue.

Choice of appropriate function venue

You don’t need a stadium for a small function for 20 people. Choose the function venue firstly to accommodate your numbers. Many places now actively promote their venues for small/medium/large functions and have the staff to assist in the planning. Apart from making the arrangements easier for you the event is also likely to run more smoothly and give your staff a memorable time.

What type of awards function do you want?

The guest list will also point you in the right direction regarding how elaborate you want the event to be. If some guests are of VIP standing then burgers probably won’t cut it! Try to find a happy medium with the refreshments and entertainment which will please the whole spectrum of guests.

Selection of Judges

If you have judges participating in the event, try to pick a panel of judges who have an understanding of the awards to be presented and can discuss reasons for their choices with each other in an unbiased and discreet way.

Event Preparation

With a larger event being planned there will probably be a need for a committee to oversee all the arrangements so different people can concentrate on a single aspect of the event whilst co-ordinating with the other committee members. Different roles such as the financial details, invitation and venue correspondence, transport, printing of award certificates etc. will ensure no one person is overloaded with jobs to be done. This should eventuate in a smoothly run event.

Focal Point – Podium

This is a necessary piece of equipment for an award function to make the presentations a special moment for the recipients. Ensure either you or the venue can provide the podium and there is a place for it to be sited for all attendees to be able to see it.

“On the Night” responsibilities

If this is a larger event and a committee is already in place then their allocated jobs should also cover the event itself so each person will have first hand knowledge of any hitches there may be.

The Awards Function

As these are the main purpose of the event ensure that they reflect efforts by your staff to enhance the company or keep all aspects of the business running smoothly from sales to accounts – remember all the jobs in the company are an integral part of it and cannot work alone. Back up awards should also be available on the night in the event that the judges may think other people should be recognised for their work.


The company director should always do the main speech as head of the company (or someone of similar standing in the company). This should be as short as possible whilst still covering all the points required in relation to the event – long speeches creating boredom should not be the main memory of attendees!

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